Have you ever had the urge to doodle in the margins of your notebook as a writer or as a simple class-note taker?  Do your notebooks hold drawings of shapes, lines, and random patterns that you are at a loss to explain to anyone else? And have you ever noticed that raw inspiration comes easier through lined notebook paper, than any version of Microsoft word? This is because of magical creatures that live in your notebook paper known as Scribblings.

  If you ever had a chance to see one it would probably look like the sum of your doodling in that particular notebook. There is usually around three Scribblings in an average seventy page notebook. In a giant five subject notebook there can be whole colonies of Scribblings all waiting with bursts of inspiration for the budding author. Scribblings are very important to any creative person’s success. It is important for every author of the notebook paper to understand the symbiotic relationship they have with Scribblings.

 It works like carbon dioxide and oxygen works for plants and humans. Scribblings get their energy from un-concentrated creativity. Those random doodles that come out of nowhere are their food. Now when digest the un-concentrated creativity they release concentrated creativity which becomes the start of poetry, essays, and poignant journal entries, or epic fictional ideas for the budding notebook author.

This is why people who never doodle find it difficult to be creative. They have starved their poor Scribblings for so long they have no energy to provide the essential creativity of the notebook paper. Whole communities of Scribblings in the five subject notebooks cab be in a sad states of famine. The poor Author finds his or her work dries up like a pen that is on its last few milliliters of ink. Feed your Scribbling and you may find your creative side coming back again. Although it may take time depending on how long it has been since your last doodle.

 However, this isn’t the only danger. Some notebook authors have a hard time saying no to demanding Scribblings and fill notebook after notebook of un-concentrated energy. This makes the scribbling fat and lazy. If overfed the Scribblings will just lie down and go to sleep. The poor notebook creator will find that after investing so much time in non-concentrated creativity they will have no ability to create the focused creativity that turns into something valuable. This author’s need to put their Scribblings on a strict diet until the weight comes off and the scribbling is returned to normal. A few papers of rigorous creating can be very healthy for an obese Scribbling.

 Do not forget the lesson of the Scribblings! A reasonable portion of undirected randomness can feed inspiration, but only a reasonable portion.